Why Can't a Conservative Vote for a Democrat?

(posted 6/17/2022) - Politics in the US at the state and federal level is no longer issue based in my opinion. People vote for either team Republican or team Democrat. Probably 10% or less Independents focus on issues and cast votes across parties. The majority of independent voters are really Republican or Democratic party followers for the most part. The independents are more likely (in my opinion) to withhold their vote for a party when they find no candidate they can support.

This article in The Guardian by Thomas Zimmer makes a powerful statement about risks to the continuing operation of the US two-party system and its democratic underpinnings. I truly fear for our country's future if the majority of the Republican party doesn't change its trajectory before the 2024 presidential elections.

A link to Zimmer's op-ed (short 5-pager in PDF format) is Here . I'll be looking back at this post in the future I'm sure.