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Attended 2012 Hurt Reunion in Kankakee, IL

(posted 9/15/2012) - I had a wonderful day at Ron and Sherry Hildebrand's as the Hurt Clan gathered at reunion over the Labor Day Weekend.

Thanks to everyone who could attend. It was a very special time for me -- I got to see a lot of folks that I otherwise wouldn't be able to visit with. Lot's of you stopped by and talked with me and I felt connected to my family.

Here's a picture of my 85 year-old kid brother, Phil. I was the oldest at the reunion, but I expect the mantle will pass to him soon.

I've entered hospice care, staying in my own apartment. I feel good, and with Jon and Pat visiting almost every day, and the hospice nurse and her assistant coming twice a week I feel very well cared for at this point. Life is good ...

I'm planning on becoming the longest lived of Pearl and Tell's kids. Sister Doris made it 8-months into her 94th year. My 93rd is coming up in November, so I've set my sights on beating her record. Wish me luck.

Love, Jan