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Janice (Hurt) Wallace Has Passed Away

(posted 7/24/2013) - My mother, Janice Wallace, passed away quietly in her sleep on July 22nd, around 4pm. She was staying at our home and was with Pat and myself when she died. A week earlier she had a minor fall (rolled off the couch onto the carpeted floor) and called us to say she couldn't rise. After that we moved her to our home.

My mom had been winding down over the last 6 months; just sleeping more and complaining that everything took more effort than she had. She moved from her home in Casey in May 2010 to an apartment in Wheaton, IL and lived there, with increasing logistical support from me and Pat. Her doctor authorized hospice services support in Sept 2012, and for the next 10 months my mom had twice weekly visits from a hospice aide and from a nurse. At the beginning of 2013 we added an additional aide visit for Saturday (non hospice), to do housecleaning and to fix light meals. Pat and I visited on all the days that hospice was not there -- in that way my mom kept her independent life style but had a strong support network with someone there for more than an hour every day. This was what she wanted, and I am thankful we could be there for her (both retired now, so had the luxury of time to spare).

I am very greatful that Medicare provides for hospice services to the elderly. It kept my mom independent and she met two wonderful caring persons (Mayra and Janet) who cared deeply for and truly enjoyed being with my mom every week for so many months. For those of you who have indicated a desire to make some form of contribution to a cause on behalf of my mom, we recommend the non-profit Harbor Light Hospice. They were a godsend for us (we used them for Pat's mom in 2006 and for my mom). Donations in Jan's name can be submitted online by going to: and pushing the DONATE button there and filling in the online information. Alternatively, you can directly mail donations to: Harbor Light Hospice, 800 Roosevelt Rd, Bldg C, Suite 206, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.

Also, this year's Hurt Reunion at the Hildebrand's in Kankakee, IL will be a memorial celebration for my mom and her brother Phillip's wife, Imogene (Adkins) Hurt who passed away June 8th of this year.

Please take note - we will not be doing a pot-luck this year. One of my mom's wishes was that if she passed before the reunion we cater a sit-down lunch for everyone and celebrate her (and Imogene's) lives. It will be helpful for planning if you can let us know family members that can attend. The more the merrier!

More information will be posted here as things are formailized -- but please book in Sunday, September 1st, Labor Day Weekend to say goodbye to two of the senior members of the Hurt Clan!