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Tim Summerville Completes Sculpture for Ron and Sherry Hildebrand

(posted 8/8/2012) - We've collected the monies for the beautiful copper sculpture of a Lake Heron made by artist Tim Summerville. Thanks to everyone who was able to contribute!

The sculpture will be presented at this year's (Sept. 2nd) reunion at Ron and Sherry's in appreciation for hosting so many memorable reunions at their river-side home in Kankakee, IL.

Tim provided this photo of the hammered-copper Lake Heron he just completed on our commission. It is an exquisite piece of artwork that will be cherished by the Hildebrands for years to come. Tim says the Oak base can be detached if Ron and Sherry would like to mount the bird in their yard using a pole. Just click on the image for a larger view.

I plan to do the presentation just before we all eat -- and Tim will be on hand to help Ron and Sherry decide where to mount the piece.

Tim also sent me a picture of a one of a kind copper weather-vane he just completed. If you are interested in learning how he creates these hammered sculptures be sure to ask him at the reunion!

It is also worth mentioning that I plan to bring my video camera and will try to interview Jan Wallace - 92, and Phillip Hurt - 84, the two surviving children of Pearl and Tell Hurt. If any of you want to participate in the interview, the more the merrier.

A final reminder -- I'll be asking for $4/attendee to cover costs of meat, condiments, flatware, drinks, etc. that the Hildebrands will provide. We should each bring the usual potluck dishes to share with everyone at the reunion.

See you all soon!